cLAPiT is available for purchase @ Trewaudio and Pinknoise Systems

cLAPiT is a professional iPad clapperboard approved by the Guild of British Camera Technicians and designed by an experienced clapper loader working in the UK film and TV industry.

cLAPiT comes with an integrated contact sensor that allows the shutting of the clapper sticks to be accurately detected by the iPad.

cLAPiT is an iPad clapperboard showerproof solution designed to work with iPad Mini 1,2 & 3 and waterproof cases Lifeproof nüüd or FRĒ.

cLAPiT clapperboards are made of strong, high quality engineering plastic with an aluminum facia. Four thumb screws allow quick and easy access to the encased iPad.

cLAPiT sticks are made of the same strong, high quality engineering plastic and can be adjusted for right/left hand operation.

cLAPiT comes with a quick to detach/attach steel handle as standard.

cLAPiT clapperboards have been successfully tested on feature films, TV dramas and TV commercials by experienced clapper loaders.



cLAPiT is designed to work with iPad Mini 1,2 & 3 and waterproof cases  Lifeproof nüüd or FRĒ

Shockproof: Drop height of up to 4 feet when used with Lifeproof nüüd or FRĒ case

Showerproof: Shower resistant when used with Lifeproof nüüd or FRĒ cases (contact sensor is showerproof but should not be fully submerged)

Total weight: Less than 1Kg (cLAPiT + iPad Mini + Lifeproof case)

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